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Our Research

At Patio, we know that the challenges of keeping our platform safe and healthy are constantly evolving. That’s why our Trust and Safety team is always researching emerging issues in the fields of content moderation and how platforms can be good actors in the world. We’re excited to announce that our team has recently published some of that research in the Journal of Online Trust and Safety. Our article describes the company’s experience balancing our stance against harassment and making all user

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Our Appeals Process

Our team has made clear from Day 1 that safety is a top priority for us at Patio. That’s why we have Community Guidelines accessible on our site and in the app that guide what type of behavior is allowed on our platform. In addition to our Community Guidelines, we also have a Trust and Safety team that’s in charge of reviewing all reports of bad behavior that are seen on Patio. Our Safety team reviews every report that comes in and takes action. You can always expect clear, research-based decisi

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Our Safety Policies

At Patio, we care about making it easier for users to connect and collaborate. Safety is a key part of that mission, which is why our core value on the safety team is to always be user-first. When we create our safety policies we constantly think about what is best for the people who use Patio. We think it’s totally natural for users to want to understand what these safety policies are and how we come to certain decisions. We agree! We don’t want Safety on Patio to be a black box the way it ca

Thumbnail Image: Introduction to Patio’s Safety Initiatives

Introduction to Patio’s Safety Initiatives

At Patio, our mission is to build useful tools that help people live, communicate and collaborate. We know that users come to Patio to find community, and a critical part of our mission is to ensure that the communities created on Patio remain healthy. That’s why safety has always been a core value for our team, and it was obvious to us that we would incorporate the best Trust and Safety practices into our product from the beginning. Here are a few of the early steps our team has already taken t