Introduction to Patio’s Safety Initiatives

March 3, 20221 min read

At Patio, our mission is to build useful tools that help people live, communicate and collaborate. We know that users come to Patio to find community, and a critical part of our mission is to ensure that the communities created on Patio remain healthy. That’s why safety has always been a core value for our team, and it was obvious to us that we would incorporate the best Trust and Safety practices into our product from the beginning. Here are a few of the early steps our team has already taken to accomplish this.

  1. Community Guidelines: Our Community Guidelines outline the types of content and behavior that we believe do not have a place on Patio. If a message or user is reported to break Community Guidelines, we consider taking steps including warnings, suspensions, and bans. We strongly believe that enforcing these guidelines is a core component of keeping all Patios healthy and safe.
  2. Safety Features: From the start, we’ve built safety features directly in the app that are readily accessible to all users. Users can easily report messages or users they believe are not abiding by our Community Guidelines. Users can also choose to block others they’d rather not interact with.
  3. Communication: We believe communicating with users about when they’ve broken guidelines is important to building a Patio of trust. When a user breaks guidelines, our Safety team aims to get in touch with the user within 72 hours to share a warning. We’ve also found that by doing this, Patio users become partners in keeping their communities safe. When users report other users, they can trust that Patio takes the incident seriously and they feel that it is given proper attention.
  4. Appeals Process: Decisions made by policy teams can feel one-sided. Users might feel like a guideline was misapplied to them or that there was a misunderstanding. In these situations, we want to hear from users and we have an established appeals process. Users can appeal decisions directly to our policy team through this form.

We’re excited to have shared just a few of the early steps our Safety team has already taken. We see the importance of this work and believe it’s our responsibility to communicate with our users about the steps we’re taking on these important topics. We’ll keep sharing updates on our Safety work here so don’t forget to check back!

-Team Patio