Our Safety Policies

March 3, 20222 min read

At Patio, we care about making it easier for users to connect and collaborate. Safety is a key part of that mission, which is why our core value on the safety team is to always be user-first. When we create our safety policies we constantly think about what is best for the people who use Patio.

We think it’s totally natural for users to want to understand what these safety policies are and how we come to certain decisions. We agree! We don’t want Safety on Patio to be a black box the way it can feel on other platforms. We are committed to being as open as possible with users about what our safety processes and policies look like, and we hope this blog post can be one of many steps to illuminate that process on our end.

What are Patio’s policies?

There is a core set of policies that guide the basics of how Patio can be used and what’s allowed. We call these our Community Guidelines, and you can easily access them at any time on the Settings page of the app.

When you read these Community Guidelines you’ll see that there are certain types of behavior that we believe don’t have a place on Patio - behaviors like bullying, harassment, and discrimination. We also believe that other violent, graphic, and illegal content doesn’t belong on Patio either.

We have specific policies internally for how we decide when behavior falls into one of those buckets. Our team constantly discusses and reviews these policies to ensure they are what’s best for our Patio communities. We’re looking forward to sharing more about those specific policies in the upcoming months!

How does Patio create its policies?

Our Safety team is a research focused team that works to understand the latest in content policy trends from industry and academia. We are always on the lookout for best practices to make our policies more inclusive and to reflect the changing landscape of how users interact on Patio. Our policies are a reflection of our own policy expertise, the best practices we’ve identified in the industry, and what concerns we have heard from our users.

Do Patio’s policies ever change?

In an ideal world, policies would always stay the same but that doesn’t work for the reality of how people interact online! Our policies evolve as new research emerges and our team reviews new safety reports submitted by users. We can’t promise our policies a year from now will look exactly the same as they are now, but we can promise that our team will bring the highest level of consideration and research to our work when determining whether to adjust our policies in a way that’s best for our users. Whenever these types of policies happen we’ll try to communicate changes out as quickly as possible to ensure users are up to date with changes.

We hope this post helps you get to know our Safety team and better understand our policies! Always feel free to reach out to us with questions at

-Team Patio